Our Best Chimney Cowl Awards - Chimney Products Direct Top 10

Chimney cowls have a specific purpose whether to help with problems from a wood burning stove, gas appliance or a disused chimney.


 Large UFO cowl

For the Larger pot –                                 Large UFO

WHY – fits pots up to 350mm



Longest Lasting –                                    S/S Mini Euro

WHY – all parts 316 stainless steel



Colt Top red

Best Seller –                                             Colt Trade

WHY – Price



DFE Alu new

Best Gas Cowl –                                       Colt Top 2 Cowl

WHY – good anti-downdraught cowl




Sweepers Choice –                                  High Top Birdguard

WHY – Sweeping from top....




For fitting to flexible liner –                     Colt Top Flex Cowl

WHY – Also helps stop downdraught




Connect to Flue Pipe –                            Vedette

WHY – Designed by Oil engineer




Best Bird Guard -                                     Cone Top Birdguard

WHY – Stops Crows and Jackdaws



Best Newcomer –                                     Top Lid 3

WHY – Simple and effective chimney cap


Colt Top red

Best All Rounder –                                    Colt all Purpose

WHY – for quality fixings and colours


In Stock and next day dispatch

Our Best Chimney Cowls (and our full range or chimney caps and terminals) are kept in stock and are quickly dispatched by Chimney Products Direct throughout the UK. If you need help in selecting a chimney cowl or chimney cap to prevent bird and rain entry or to help with downdraught problems you can always call us on 0131 336 3589 and we will be happy to help.

If you are in Edinburgh come and collect from our showroom at Christies -  17 Salamander Yards, Edinburgh EH6 7HB open weekdays 8am – 4.30pm (close 3.30pm Fridays) and save the £5 carriage charge.