ECO ICID Flue Adaptor From Stove Pipe To Insulated Flue

ECO ICID Flue Adaptor From Stove Pipe To Insulated Flue

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A twin-wall insulated chimney system component specifically designed for stoves. Uses laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner.
  • Used to connect either appliance flue outlets or vitreous enamel flues to the insulated chimney.
  • Suitable for domestic or small commercial multifuel appliances
  • Flue gas continuous operating temperatures to 450 deg centigrade.
  • Typical applications would include multifuel and wood burning stoves, room heaters and cookers. Oil (35second gas oil or diesel) appliances and commercial gas boilers.

The single wall inner liner is slipped into the appliance flue outlet or vitreous enamel flue and sealed with fire cement. It may also need fibre rope to tighten the joint. Minimum distance to combustible materials is 60mm from the outside skin.


Building Regulations Doc. J 2002 Compliant. . Hetas Approved and tested to BS EN 1856-1 and BS EN 1859. Firestop test


Stainless Steel