• Is There A Chimney Cowl To Stop Wind Noise?

    mini eurocowl redMini Eurocowl If you use your chimney and have a chimney pot then consider the Mini Eurocowl.  It provides an even airflow over the top of the chimney and is our best cowl to reduce  wind noise. It is important to note that there isn't a cowl  designed to eliminate wind noise  - but it can help reduce it.  It is a case of trial and error which can be expensive.  However we have had positive feedback from our customers that there has been success in reducing the wind noise (sounds like blowing over the top of a bottle) with the Mini Eurocowl and we think it is worth considering.  it comes in both a red and a buff colour to match  your chimney pot and also in stainless steel.

    What would we suggest if you don't use your chimney?

    If the chimney is not in use, we would suggest you try a chimney balloon  and you buy, from your local builders merchant, a clay cowl called a flue vent as this will definitely help your noise problem from the chimney.

  • Is There A Cowl To Reduce Wind Noise When I Have A Gas Appliance?

    There are no proprietary cowls designed to tackle wind noise. The clay cowls are better at preventing wind noise but you would need to take advice from a gas engineer about an appropriate model and these are not sold online you would need to source them locally.

  • Can I Take A Bend Straight Of The Top Of The Appliance?

    No, always ensure that the first section of stove pipe rises vertically from the appliance a distance not less that 600mm.  We stock a full range of stove pipe and if you require any help please contact us on 0131 336 3589 or by email

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