• Chimney Flue Design - Can I Take A Bend Straight Of The Top of the Stove or Appliance?

    No, always ensure that the first section of  flue vent rises vertically from the appliance a distance not less that 600mm. You can use Twin Wall or Stove Pipe.

  • What is a cowl?

    A Chimney Cowl is usually made of metal and fitted to a chimney pot or flue. It is designed for a specific task such as increasing up-draught, protecting against down-draught, preventing rain or bird entry.

    Use our "Need Help choosing a Cowl" to help decide which cowl or cowls are suitable or phone us on 0131 336 3589, email-

  • Which chimney cowl do I need?

    On our website we have a unique help guide which will narrow the choice to your specific requirement.  Quick Link .  Just 3 multiple choice questions to answer and if you require any further information please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

  • What is Up-Draught?

    The chimney creates the updraught (not the appliance).  It is needed to enable the natural rise of air and is a result of height in the chimney between the top and bottom and heat so the warmer flue gasses rise up.

  • What is a Downdraught?

    Smoke being blown back into the room.   Usual causes are lack of ventilation in the room, insufficient chimney height or simply poor design.  If you have an open fire reading the solid fuel association  booklet click here might help you recognise what the problem might be.

    Light a smoke match and place in throat of chimney and see if smoke goes up or down.  If down you have a downdraught problem and you need to correct the air pressure.  Now try lighting the fire with a window in the room open - does this relieve the problem?  In which case you have an air starvation problem (lack of air to combustion)and will need to fit a permanent vent to the room. (See click here above for further information).   If blow-back only occurs when it is windy or from one wind direction then you may be able to resolve the problem with a cowl.  We have a helpful guide to choosing a suitable anti downdraught cowl on our website more info

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